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Tools for the Journey - Spiritual Growth & Personal Development Products *

All of my products are created and blessed with the intent that YOU reconnect with your Divine Essence and with your Personal Power. My sincere hope is that as you use these tools, you will be motivated and inspired to use this reconnection to grow and to move into the direction of what you truly want in life - moving toward wholeness and living from Your Truth.

~ Namaste, Becky

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10-Minute Time Out Guided Meditation
Affirmation Songs - The Collection Affirmation Songs and Meditation Music
Confident Self Guided Meditation
Create Your Ideal Life Guided Meditation
De-Stress Process Self-Coaching Tool
Creating Happiness Self-Coaching Tool
Custom Affirmation Meditation Affirmation Meditation
Custom Hypnosis Meditation Guided/Hypnosis Meditations
DrumSpeak Affirmation Meditation
Extreme Self Confidence Affirmation Meditation
Get It Going Affirmation Song

Get It Going Meditation

Music Only
Good I'm Seeking Affirmation Song
Heart-Speak Meditations Music Only & Guided Meditation

I Am a Money Magnet

Affirmation Song

I Can Do This

Affirmation Song
I'm Giving Up All My Self-Sabotage Habits Affirmation Song
Let It Flow Affirmation Song
Money Magnet Meditation Music Only

Music for Relaxation

Music Only
Positive Money Mindset  Affirmation Meditation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation
Release and Let Go Guided Meditation
Solfeggio Tuning Fork Meditation Music Only
Soul Meditations for Relaxation, Reflection, and Inspiration Music Only + Guidebook
Your Soul Music - Soul Song Music Only + Reading
Stress Relief Guided Meditation
Success and Happiness: leading experts share their secrets Book/eBook
This Little Light of Mine... Music Only
Wash Away all Negative Thoughts Affirmation Song

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