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Heart-Speak Meditations - Meditation Music & Guided Meditation


This product includes two downloadable mp3s - Heart-Speak Meditation Music and Heart-Speak Guided Meditation. Each meditation is about 6 minutes.

The Heart Speak Guided Meditation is a visualization tool offering you the opportunity to send healing thoughts of love to yourself, to the people in your own personal sphere of contact, to people all over the world, and to the entire planet. It was inspired from this quote:

"Your thought has a physical action. By concentrating a minute a day to positive thoughts of comfort, hope, encouragement, healing, you can contribute. Your mind can do much more than you think." - Christian Godefroy.

The Heart Speak music was inspired from Martin Luther King's quote, "I have a dream...." and the many clients I've talked with who also "have a dream" but in one way or another are afraid to embrace their dream and make it a reality.

Wanting to address this issue in some way, I went to the "source" (the Divine Muse) and asked for some kind of direction or words of wisdom that I could give and this is the first thing that came through the music....

"Speak through your heart. That is where your power is. Take responsibility for what your heart is telling you."

The 9-page Guidebook included with the meditations give more words of wisdom from the different melodies throughout the music, plus suggestions and activities for listening that turn the meditations into your own personal and spiritual growth tool.


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