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Fast-Track to Success -
a 28-day program for personal success

“Your best thinking got you here.”
– Marianne Williamson

This intensive coaching program is ideal for clients who want to break out of a self-defeating habit, or who want to move forward in a hurry. The program includes weekly coaching sessions, a customized personal success song, daily homework, and email support (optional).

Daily homework assignments are designed to help you shift in a gentle, yet intentional way. Most of the activities are "reminder" actions to help you change habitual negative thought patterns and the limiting beliefs behind them. They can be done simply as you go about your day. Other short assignments are best done at the beginning and ending of your day. All assignments are customized to fit your particular issues, needs, and schedule. They include:

  • Breathing and Visualization meditations
  • Affirmations – written and voiced
  • Personalized Success Song
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Journaling assignments as needed

Success Songs are created from personal affirmations that target your specific needs and goals. They are similar to Affirmation Songs.

Optional email support is available on a daily basis, as a between-session check in, or not at all.

Clients are encouraged to add a Soul Music Reading to any of the options below. This powerful tool will give you deeper benefits as you work through the program. A discount code will be given after you register.

$1135 $835 $680
Fast Track to Success w/daily email support Fast Track to Success w/weekly email support Fast Track to Success w/no email support

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