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DrumSpeak - Using the Power of Rhythm to Transform Your Life

DrumSpeak is an affirmation translated into a rhythm then played or "spoken" on a drum. Each syllable of the affirmation, or positive statement, becomes a beat, which turns each phrase into a rhythm. As the affirmation rhythm is repeated, one drumbeat per syllable, the affirmation is reinforced and is imprinted in your consciousness. This enables the subconscious to internalize the positive statement, allowing you to more quickly access the change of thought or change of behavior that you desire.

Our habitual thoughts become our beliefs; our beliefs guide our actions; our actions create our life experiences. DrumSpeak is a powerful way to transform negative, self-limiting beliefs into positive, life-affirming beliefs - especially because it works directly with YOUR issue and with positive statements that YOU decide.

Rhythmic singing or chanting and drumming are the basis of may ancient and even some modern healing techniques. Here are just a few of the benefits of using the hypnotic power of the drum:

  • reduce stress
  • reduce mind-chatter
  • greater state of inner peace
  • overall sense of well-being

Here is an example of DrumSpeak using the affirmation: "I am vibrating at a high level and attracting money steadily." As you listen, imagine that you are sitting in a beautiful rain forest. Breathe deeply and relax. To help ingrain the affirmation into your body, mind, and spirit, chant the affirmation to yourself along with the drum's rhythm several times (4-7 times). Then you will automatically "think" it as the drums play. Allow yourself to focus in on the drumbeat and feel it's sound vibrating through you.

MP3 File

If you want to listen to how the affirmation "fits" with the drum rhythm, listen to an example of Becky speaking the affirmation with the drum:

MP3 File


Ready to hear the rhythm of your own personalized DrumSpeak?

Here's how it all works:

  • You decide on the affirmation statement you want to work with. When you order I'll send suggestions for creating your affirmation. Or you can also choose the Coaching Add-On and we'll work together to create your affirmation.

  • After your affirmation statement is created, I will translate the statement into a rhythm pattern and record it playing my djembe. You can choose from an assortment of background sounds or choose to have it with no background. (The example on this page uses a Rainforest background.)

  • The finished personalized DrumSpeak track will be around 20 minutes (depending on the length of your affirmation statement.) A 60-minute version is also available.

  • In addition, you can choose to have your affirmation or other positive statements (that you decide) recorded subliminally over the DrumSpeak track to enhance it's power. These spoken statements are recorded at a minimal volumn level that the subconscious mind can hear, but the conscious mind cannot hear. This helps to bypass the "yeah-but's" the critical conscious mind likes to throw out whenever we work at changing our thought patterns or changing any kind of habit.


Start transforming YOUR life with the Power of Rhythm today!

DrumSpeak - Your Affirmation Translated into Rhythm
Add any of these to your original DrumSpeak audio:
~ a 20-minute Coaching Session to fine-tune your affirmation
~ a Subliminal audio version with additional affirming statements
~ a 60-minute looped version of your audio
(if you would like a 60-min version of both the original and the subliminal audio, please order two of this add-on)

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