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Custom Affirmation Meditations

Affirmation Meditations are powerful tools for personal and spiritual growth. Custom-made meditations are personalized and specifically geared to your situation. I can customize them for individuals to use in their owm personal/spiritual growth routine, or for Breathworkers, Coaches, and Therapists to use with their clients.

For Individuals: Affirmations help to turn our habitual negative thinking and our self- limiting beliefs into positive, life-affirming self-statements. This is a great "next step" to take after Your Soul Music Reading. Having Your Soul's Music playing in the background will greatly enhance the power of your affirmation. Current clients may choose the "Meditation only" option.

If you are not currently working with a Becky or with another Coach or Therapist, please choose the option below that includes a one-on-one phone Coaching Session so that together, we can fine-tune the affirmation statements to best represent your core issue.

For Breathworkers: Custom Affirmation Meditations using statements created around your client's "Personal Lie" makes a powerful tool to use during your client's breathing sessions. It can also help indicate when there is no "charge" left around their Personal Lie.

For Coaches and Therapists: Using affirmations tailored to fit your client's issues in an Affirmation Meditation can help your client "reprogram" their thinking more quickly and on a deeper level.

Suggestions for Listening:

  • While going to sleep at night
  • As background music while reading, working, etc
  • While walking or doing stretching exercises
  • During breathwork sessions
  • Anytime your issue is "up"

$149 - Meditation only
Custom Affirmation Meditation - CD only
After purchasing Becky will send you an application form to submit your affirmation statements.

$199 - Meditation + coaching
Custom Affirmation Meditation - CD + Coaching
After purchasing Becky will contact you to schedule your coaching session.

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