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Positive Money Mindset - Affirmation Meditation


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Money is both an idea and a tangible object. It's shrouded with symbolic and emotional meanings. Our negative ideas about survival and dependency have a tendency to hold money problems in place.* Building a positive money mindset is a first step to creating financial success.

This hour-long meditation uses a series of affirmations to help you begin building a prosperity consciousness. Money is a form of energy - it's not bad, it's not good. It just IS. And it's perfectly okay for you to have it, be successful, and be wealthy!

Each of the 19 affirmation statements in this meditation are said three times for optimal reprograming of money beliefs. Suggestions for additional affirmation work are included in the accompanying Guidebook. 60-minutes - download (See below for optional CD information)

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*Phil Laut, Money is My Friend

CD Add-0n Service - have us put this meditation on a CD and ship it to you. Price includes S&H. $10.00 per CD

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