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Extreme Self Confidence - Affirmation Meditation

Having confidence in yourself is critical to living a happy, successful life! It's practically impossible for anyone to move forward in life or to achieve their goals and desires without an underlying sense of self assuredness.

Self-confident people believe in their abilities and trust their instincts. They are not bound by fears and doubts. They don't go on guilt-trips or get stuck in pitty parties. They have realistic expectations of themselves. They know what they want and they go for it! You can too!

Low self-confidence and self-esteem is basically a conditioned way of thinking about yourself. You can choose to think about yourself in a more positive way! This Affirmation Meditation will help you do that!

The meditation is available in two formats. In the "regular" version you hear the affirmations being said. It speaks more to your conscious mind. The "subliminal" version has the exact same affirmations, but their volume is turned down so that only the sub-conscious mind hears them. This helps to by-pass the conscious mind's "yeah, but..." mind chatter that often happens when we're trying to make changes in our life.

In addition, each affirmation is stated 3 times and the whole sequence of affirmations are heard 3 times. The number 3 represents the integration of mind, body, spirit, anchoring in peace and well-being..

Each meditation comes with a Guide Book that includes the Meditation Script plus additional suggestions for working with the affirmations.

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Regular Version
Subliminal Version
34 minutes - download
44 minutes - download
(has an additional 10 min. of music)
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